Get Me's on-demand driver network, its loyal customer base, and its hard working, conscientious, and dependable team, have made Get Me a success. The team supports the drivers, customers, partners, and all of us here at Get Me to provide a unique and positive user experience as we learn and grow as a company. Get Me is proud to introduce you to:


Megan ~ VP of Sales and Marketing

Megan is in charge of Sales and Marketing for Get Me. She is also the keeper of our awesome brand and marketing messaging. She understands how to engage and interact with our driver network and members. Having been with Get Me from the start, she has insight and knowledge that helps shape the Get Me experience.


Regina ~ VP of Operations

As VP of Operations for Get Me, Regina is the latest addition to the Get Me team. Her phenomenal organizational skills along with her ability to manage a high volume of tasks and transactions make her a perfect fit for Get Me. Regina oversees field operations for all of Get Me's markets.


Mark ~ Director of Technology

Mark is Get Me's head of technology. Building a complex and cutting edge App takes time, effort, and hard work. As Director, Mark oversees the App and makes sure it works smoothly, while walking the fine line between sanity and lines and lines of code.


Matt ~ Director of Finance

Matt manages Get Me's finances as Director of Finance. As a CPA and CMA, Matt is detailed and meticulous in his analysis and preparation of financial data and keeps a tight ship.


Michael ~ Founder and General Counsel

Michael is a practicing trial attorney in Dallas, Texas and is the Founder of Get Me. Michael previously served as CEO for Get Me and is now our Chairman of the Board. Having discovered the need for a multi-purpose App from the user perspective in 2013, Michael’s idea and vision of Get Me has become a reality.


Trey ~ Chairman and CEO

Trey's philosophy is defined by investing in and developing forward-thinking solutions with an eye toward technology and first to market advantages. Having had great success in the era coupled with having raised over $1.5 billion in capital for companies he founded or cofounded, he brings experience in technology and with the capital markets to Get Me. Trey has created and pioneered markets and is prepared to make Get Me a continued success.