Over the last few years we have seen a massive evolution on how people get from one place to another, from crowd-sourced on-demand drivers to car-sharing and carpooling innovations. That's where the [somewhere] side of Get Me comes in. Not only do our cars and drivers make deliveries, they provide rides. Our drivers are friends, relatives, and neighbors all joining the "work on their own schedule" as part of this new economy. With extensive background checks, training, vehicle inspections, insurance, and driver ratings, it's easier than ever to get a safe and convenient ride.

How It Works

Get Me locates you via GPS as soon as you open the App, so if you want to get picked up at your current location, there's nothing more you need to do. Just tap to request a ride and a driver will accept your request.

If you know where you'd like to go, you can also identify your destination in the App, either before or after you request your ride.

You also have the freedom to select the vehicle type that you need. For regular rides, a car may be sufficient, but you may also choose from an SUV (for larger groups or luggage space) or a limousine (for special occasions). We all like options!

At the end of your ride, you'll get an in-App receipt as well as an emailed receipt. Please take a moment to rate your experience and leave a tip for your Go-Getter if your experience was enjoyable.

No one likes nasty surprises, so we don't engage in surge pricing. Our prices will stay consistent no matter when you ride. We're all about good surprises, though, so as a customer you'll receive impromptu gifts like promo codes and other goodies.

Get A Ride