The [something] side of our service is what sets us apart from most other services. Get Me was born from our founder's frustration with the lack of variety and choices made available to him from other services, lack of on-demand home delivery, and being limited to selecting items from a catalog. As we researched and tested alternatives around these limitations, we found that people are very excited about the prospect of a service flexible enough to get them a shirt from their favorite store, some lumber from the home improvement store, or coffee from their favorite coffee house. With this flexibility in mind, we began building an experience where you—our customer—is in control. For all those last minute emergency needs, or if you can't leave the house, or—heck—if you just don't want to leave the house— we can get you what you need.

How It Works

We've supplied several popular stores to choose from, and starting your "delivery request" is as easy as tapping a store name. If you don't see the store that you want, simply select the "Other Store" option at the bottom of the list and send us to any store of your choice, even if it's not on the list. You're in control!

Simply type what you need into the App in your own words and tell us where to deliver it, and you're done. It's that simple. We encourage you to be as descriptive as possible; you would not believe (or maybe you can) the number of times someone has just written "cup of coffee" or "milk and cookies". That's a good start, but our Go-Getter drivers would love just a little more information in order to get the right items for you. Consider adding information about size, brand, color, etc—whatever applies to your request—that way you'll end up with exactly what you want. And if it ever becomes necessary, know that you can call or text your Go-Getter with more information.

As your Go-Getter completes your delivery, you'll be able to see them travel on the map. You'll also get updates when your items are purchased and when your delivery is complete. We also give you the opportunity to report any issues. We want to make sure you've received what you asked for.

At the end of your delivery, you'll get an in-App receipt as well as an emailed receipt. Please take a moment to rate your experience and leave a tip for your Go-Getter if your experience was enjoyable.


Milk and Cookies